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Far West Farm hunter jumper equitation training barn and riding school.
We relocated from the east coast. Our daughter has a strong love and passion for horses and learning the sport. We tried a few barns, and they weren’t the right fit. Some were too stuffy. Some too competitive. Others too far away. When we found Far West, it was a dream come true. The atmosphere and energy of the barn is the most down to earth than any other that we came across. The feeling you get when you come to view a lesson, is more of a family gathering. It’s where riders of all ages hang out together, converse, and support each other. It’s a very special environment. There is nothing I have come across like it.

— Julie N. Topanga, CA

I love my riding lessons with Far West Farms….Super fun and i am learning a lot!!!!

— Kharen H., Beverly Hills, CA

My daughter has been riding at Far West a few years – we had tried other barns and nothing comes close – this is the kindest, most caring environment a family could hope for – the other riders are warm and friendly and the level of expertise and training provided is the best one can find within miles – no wonder people drive from Santa Barbara or from Orange County to train at Far West – extremely professional and knowledgeable management, staff, trainers, groomers.

There are many highly competitive riders, national medal winners but NOT a competitive environment.

The summer camp is amazing – I cannot imagine how anyone could be dissatisfied –  perhaps someone was taking advantage of the kind, relaxed nature of the staff and the long hours that the barn is open –  dropping kids off very early or picking up late is simply wrong and not tolerated by any camp that I’m aware of.  I’m sure there are other good choices out there, but Far West is the best of the best – undeniably!!!

— Miles K., Calabasas, CA

When I first called Far West, the barn manager told me that their mission is for each rider to achieve their personal best.  It is the only barn that I know that has a mission statement.  I had my children and horses in many other barns over the years, and this one simply is on an entirely unique level.  I brought my children to the barn and met the Karazissis family.  We have never even looked at another barn. When my eldest was having trouble sitting the trot, five trainers with over one hundred years of combined experience convened at the rail and were able to correct it in less than five minutes.  I never have seen anything like it.  The level of care, consideration and expertise is unmatched at any other barn in the area.

Another aspect of the barn that is important to me as a parent, is that sportsmanship is paramount.  Arrogance, laziness, carelessness, toward other riders or horses is simply not allowed.  The program creates beautiful riders, and decent people who think of others.  This respect is a key element of the summer horse camp.  There is no better place to introduce your child to equestrian sport than the camps at Far West.  

The care of the horses is exemplary.  No other barn employs as many hands that keep the horses clean and well cared for.  From school ponies to medal winning hunters, jumpers and equitation mounts, all are under the care of experienced grooms, and professional certified trainers.  

Far West junior riders have gone on to some of the top colleges in the country: Dartmouth; Cornell; Barnard; NYU; UCLA; Stanford Law.  Others have won full ride scholarships as athletes in NCAA equestrian programs at TCU and OSU.  Others pursue careers in the arts, from fashion to music.  The common thread is that each rider knows what it means to have a passion, and how important it is to honor that, with respect, hard work and commitment.  Far West Farms reinforces these concepts that I, as a parent, worked to instill in my children. They have been a great partner.

— Patty B., Topanga, CA

I can’t say enough great things about Far West Farms as a place to learn for riders of all ages and experience levels.  Not only do they have an extensive lesson and camp program for children (with excellent instructors and suitable horses and ponies), they also excel at teaching adults who are serious about learning to ride.

Unlike many other places, Far West Farms has a large string of wonderful school horses in a variety of sizes and capabilities to teach anyone, from a first-time rider to a skilled equestrian who has been away from the show scene for awhile.

In addition to the camp and lesson program, Far West trains dedicated equitation, hunter and jumper riders and their horses for the show ring.  Horses receive top-notch care, and the instruction is some of the best in the country, for those who aspire to compete at the top levels of the sport.

— Lisa H., Los Angeles, CA

Greatest place to learn to ride as a beginner. And the greatest place to show! I guess just the greatest place for folks who love horses and want a supportive, learning horse community.

—  Steve H., New York, NY

This is one of the great riding stables of Southern California.  The fourth generation of family is running the business, and ensures that there is true care and horsemanship that is taught.  The instructors teach with a real philosophy of riding and understanding of horses that is rare in many barns I’ve seen.  The facilities are well maintained, and there is also a great community of riders of all ages.  This barn also attends the top horse shows, if you aspire to be a competitor.  The horse world is filled with various characters and I’ve heard many stories of bad business. The Karazissis family had always been beyond above board in my 25 years of being in the horse world. I’m moving back to the area soon and look forward to joining them in the future.

— Christina N., Los Angeles, CA

My daughter has been attending camp all summer long — she loves it and so do I.  Caitlyn has been an amazing camp director and mentor.  Chris has also done a lot of training for riding lessons and I cannot say enough nice things about his style and how gracious he is with even the slowest of beginners.

The school horses are gentle and well cared for and the staff has been very friendly to our entire family.  I will send my child back next year and in the meantime keep taking lessons at Far West Farms.

— Lahle, Encino, CA

My daughter attended summer camp at Far West Farms in 2011, and had a great experience.  The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, and safety is always foremost.  Then my wife took a lesson, and then another, and got hooked.  We have since purchased horses, and board them at FWF. My wife and both daughters continue to train there.  Their experience has been uniformly positive. It’s a family-run business, and a family-friendly atmosphere.  When one of our horses got ill, the FWF staff went well above and beyond the call to help save him.  It’s a great place.

— Jeffrey E., Woodland Hills, CA

Having just moved to the area from Newport Beach, I was very impressed with the warm welcoming family atmosphere and trainers, who we met while researching into my 19 year old daughters new training/show barn. Far West Farms came recommended to us from her former trainer who we trust wholeheartedly and has trained her until now. After meeting Nick and taking a tour of the barn, we have decided Far West Farms will meet her needs and be her new training barn. This place is fabulous for all!

— Tina M., West Hills, CA

Having just moved to the area from Newport Beach, I was very impressed with the warm welcoming family atmosphere and trainers, who we met while researching into my 19 year old daughters new training/show barn. Far West Farms came recommended to us from her former trainer who we trust wholeheartedly and has trained her until now. After meeting Nick and taking a tour of the barn, we have decided Far West Farms will meet her needs and be her new training barn. This place is fabulous for all!

— Jaime H., Woodland Hills, CA

My daughter just started the spring horse camp this week and we couldn’t be more thrilled. She has already made friends and came home genuinely excited to tell me all that she learned. She raved about her new counselors and how much fun she had. We will definitely be back!

— Joe S., Los Angeles, CA

Best place I’ve ever ridden at!!!!

–AwesomeEverything (Google Review)

I love Far West Farms. Their school horses are safe, wonderful, and gentle but not pluggy. The facilities are well maintained and everyone there is very friendly.   I cannot recommend Chris highly enough as a trainer. He is GREAT with kids and adults. My daughter has attended their summer camp and the camp director has been fabulous. I will send her to camp again next year.

A great place to learn to ride and to feel welcomed — the groomers and hands are also very friendly, will greet you with a smile and help you in any way you need assistance.

— Laura E., Los Angeles

Far West farms is great ! The instructors are all well educated, with some great horses for the students, and very nice helpful grooms. Everything is very warm and welcoming, and the design of the barn catches my eye. It is very nice…looking for a place to board? Go to far west!

— A Google User

Far West Farms has become my second home, and the people and horses, my second family. In 2010 I signed my youngest daughter up for lessons, then summer camp. She loved it and I loved watching her ride. So I began taking beginning adult lessons. Shortly, thereafter, my oldest daughter got the horse fever and began taking lessons. We have been at Far West Farms for two years now, have gone from having never been on a horse to owning three. I love that my daughters can train to compete if they want, but I can train just to be a better rider for my own pleasure.

I love the grooms, the staff, and the trainers and the barn manager stayed up literally all night with me and my family helping us to care for my horse when he was sick. It is a family-run barn and lots of love is given to the people and the horses. But don’t let the warm, relaxed atmosphere fool you, the Karazissis’ family are top-notch trainers who know how to help horses and riders work together to win those blue ribbons too.

I never imagined at age 50 I could learn to ride but I am! Without the encouragement of my trainer that I was not too old to start riding, I probably would still just be watching my own girls from the sidelines wishing I was in the ring too.

— Laura W., Los Angeles, CA