Meet Our Lesson Horses (archive)

“Far West Farms has the best cared-for school horses of any riding academy in the area.” Read More Testimonials

We love our school horses, and so will you!

We treat our lesson horses with the same care and respect shown our fanciest show horses. They have their own individual stalls bedded with shavings, grooms who keep them looking show-ready, and regular visits from the vet for maintenance and medical care. They are fed high-quality hay and receive nutritional supplements daily. Many started their careers as show ponies and horses, and they are available for lease or half-lease.

FWF offers Summer Camp for six week long sessions plus two 2-day sessions for our youngest beginning riders.

Give us a call and schedule a visit to the barn so you can see for yourself what we’re about. We’d be happy to give you a tour and introduce you to our Riding School instructors and our lesson horses.

Ages 7 to 107.

Contact us for more information about our riding school programs or to schedule a visit to our property to talk with a trainer.

School Horse Profiles

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Dora a hunter jumper ponyDora is a fun pony! Super cute and has a love for jumping and one of the softest canters around. Everyone loves Dora and loves riding her when they can!

Photo Place HolderGinger has taught kids and small adults for years now! In her previous career she was a gymkanna horse and now Far West is lucky to have Ginger here to teach young kids how to ride!

Hans, a bay horse at FWF

Hanz is one of our biggest horses we have in the riding program! A true gentle giant! He loves to jump and loves his right lead canter the most! Great for beginners as he is so kind but, fun for the advanced rider who is polishing more technical skills!

Marlon, a great riding lesson horse at FWFMarlon is a fun laid back guy! A handsome guy and so kind everyone loves him! Teaching everyone from their first canter to their first jump and, helping build confidence among many. We are so lucky to have Marlon on our team!

Maverick a small bay pony for horseback riding lessons in Los Angeles area.Maverick moved to Far West a few years ago from the desert. He was a kid’s trail pony and, now he is here teaching young riders how to ride. We love him and all of his spunky personality!

Max a red roan pony near Los Angeles horse training barn.Max is a great pony. He shows young beginner riders many of their first basics but, also so fun for more advanced riders as well. He is an all-around great pony who loves to jump!

Muñeco, which means doll in spanish, a grey white horseMuneco is a handsome grey we have here at Far West. Having taught lessons before coming here he definitely is a great addition to our lesson program. With great changes, willingness and love for jumping he is great for beginners through advanced!

Pitch is a fun, small black pony at FWF in Calabassas CAPitch is the cutest and smallest pony here at the farm! We love him! With all of his cute sassiness and, fluffy mane he is a favorite among many. A prior lesson pony at another farm we here at Far West are lucky his mom lets him live here to teach kids! We love him!

Pogo is a fun pony to take horseback riding lessons on!Pogo is one of our newer horses to join the team at Far West.  He is a cute show pony with a great gaits and he absolutely loves to jump! He loves his job as a jumper!

Quattro, a bay gelding os fun for student riders at FWF!Quattro is a fun jumper! Quattro loves his job here at Far West showing students how to be confident riders and why we all love jumping! A favorite among all!

Red, a beautiful chestnut horse at FWF.Red has to smoothest canter around! Just like a rocking horse! Red has taught many riders for years at Far West and even showed down in the desert at Thermal in his younger days! Red is a great teacher-everyone’s favorite!

Photo Place HolderRiley has been coming to Far West each summer for years now! Living in Ojai at a boarding school he comes and helps our program by teaching young riders to become confident effective equestrians! Loves to jump and has a great lead change he competed successfully in his younger days in the hunter and jumper divisions both!

Robbie, a kind gelding available for horseback riding lessons.Robbie is so fun! A big guy but, so kind for even the most timid rider. He is also a blast to jump because he will jump anything. All riders love Robbie and look forward for him joining our team over the summers! Coming from Thatcher school this big chestnut loves to jump whenever he can!

Savannah is a favorite pony at FWF.Savannah is one of the sweetest ponies ever! Savannah has been with Far West for about five years now and we just love her! A great teacher, she is the Cadillac of school ponies!

Photo Place HolderSport has been here for many years! Coming to Far West around 15 years old he is by far our grandpa at the farm. He now gets to retire and hang out and lounge around in the paddocks daily. He has earned his place at the farm for sure with all his hard work over the years! We love him!

Tequila is a bay tobiano pinto pony gelding.Tequila is one of the kindest souls here at the barn! Coming from Ireland originally he has now been here at Far West for many years.  We love him because he is so kind. Sometimes a bit lazy but, that’s okay, we don’t mind! He loves to jump and, teaches kids everything they need to learn.

Tico Tico a newer addition to the barn has become quite a favorite! Great for beginners but, so fun for the advanced rider to work on higher level skills! Great on the flat and a blast to jump everyone loves Tico!

Tigger is a gentle, sorrel gelding available for riding lessons.Tigger is so fun! Loves to jump and will jump anything! Tigger is also a little escape artist having escaped many times! Never running too far away because, his job here at Far West he enjoys by far!