About Nick Karazissis’ Clinics

His Clinics and the Principles He Uses in Everyday Lessons

Throughout the 30 or so years Nick Karazissis has been doing clinics, Nick has been known as a master who can move any horse/rider combination to the next level.  Nick is willing to work with any level or rider and feels everyone who shares his passion for horses is part of a special group of the people who make up the sport.

He has done annual clinics at some places for over 25 years.  In addition to his ability to move a rider up a level or two, another part of his expertise is knowing how to get a rider and horse to be able to work together.  He is also known for having, and sharing, a clear flat work and jumping program that riders can follow well after the three days of the clinic.

His flat work program clearly lays out the position one needs to be in to be able to help the horse find the best balance that works for that specific horse and his conformation.  His command of gymnastic exercises and the concept of the 6 Commandments of Jumping give each rider the program and direction to not only improve during the clinic but in essence have ownership and a clear direction to keep getting better and reaching their personal goals.

Nick’s Cornerstones of the Hunter Jumper World

– Position
– Horse’s Balance
– “Gymnastics”
– The Six Commandments of Jumping

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Video: The Six Commandments of Jumping by Los Angeles trainer Nick Karazissis.6 Commandments of Jumping
By Nick Karazassis
Available through Equestrian Professional, Nick’s 6 Commandments of Jumping gives riders a truly clear and effective system to follow when jumping. You will find it supports and clarifies what all good trainers teach their clients. Nick goes into detail about the mathematical aspects of jumping in a way that really helps riders understand their “job” in producing consistent quality round over fences.

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