Riding School and Summer Camp

At Far West Farms (FWF), there is a place for everyone at every level, and all have an opportunity to excel. On any given day, you may see a first-time student trotting around the ring, then watch a high-powered jumper loft over a 4’ fence. The excitement is the same for both riders!

FWF’s training program ensures student growth. First, basic riding skills are taught on our lesson horses in the Riding School’s “Downstairs Ring”. Good horsemanship is nurtured in Summer Camp and Horsemanship Clinics. When ready, riders finesse their skills in our “Middle Ring” and start to show. By the time they’re ready to ride in the “Upstairs Ring,” students have their own horse and are beginning to negotiate solid, technical courses. In our proven system, young enthusiasts become riders and riders become champions.

Lessons are scheduled Tuesday through Sunday; mornings, afternoons, and evenings. First-time riders will get one-on-one instruction in private, half-hour lessons until they can comfortably walk, trot, and steer. Then they move into one-hour group lessons. Our groups are small, usually from three to five riders, and all students get plenty of attention and jump time. We teach in Stuebben saddles specially fitted to put students in the correct riding position; or you are welcome to bring your own saddle.

“Far West Farms has the best cared-for school horses of any riding academy in the area.”

We treat our lesson horses with the same care and respect shown our fanciest show horses. They have their own individual stalls bedded with shavings, grooms who keep them looking show-ready, and regular visits from the vet for maintenance and medical care. They are fed high-quality hay and receive nutritional supplements daily. Many started their careers as show ponies and horses, and they are available for lease or half-lease.

FWF offers Summer Camp for seven 4-day sessions for campers ages 8-13. Campers ride and care for horses daily and participate in hands-on activities to learn what it takes to care for a horse. The afternoons feature activities such as bareback riding, games on horseback, swimming and much more.

Give us a call and schedule a visit to the barn so you can see for yourself what we’re about. We’d be happy to give you a tour and introduce you to our Riding School instructors and our lesson horses.

Ages 7 to 107.