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About Horse Camp

Our goal is to do more than simply offer summer pony rides to kids – we offer each student a great opportunity to discover what riding, horsemanship, and horses are all about through hands-on activities designed to delight and enrich every camper. (Be sure to sign up early because each camp session is limited to a specific number to ensure that everyone gets to ride and fully participate in activities.)

At Far West Farms Summer Horsemanship Camp the emphasis is on having fun while also nurturing a young rider’s love and understanding of horses. Each camper will adopt a horse or pony for the session, and will learn what it takes to love and care for him or her.

Students ride in the morning in a group lesson with other students at their level and then participate in hands-on horsemanship activities on horse care-related topics such as grooming, equine anatomy, equipment and horse showing. We break for lunch during the afternoon and offer daily game and/or craft time so kids can relax and connect with each other. We also have some fantastic field trips planned in the afternoon (see camp schedule) to give the kids a fun-filled day packed with horse related activities and adventures!

Camp Photos from Past Sessions

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A Hands-On Approach to Learning and Having Fun

2013 FWF Horseback Riding Camper

When the students are not riding, their time is spent caring for the horses and learning “everything horses” through a wide variety of hands-on activities. Being totally immersed in horses all week riding, bathing, and even learning the anatomy of the horse will allow your child to experience the joy of being with horses both on the ground and while in the saddle.

We strive to keep camper’s both physically and mentally engaged.  Have a budding equine veterinarian?  Our in-house vet offers an interactive, kid-friendly lecture and question and answer session about horses and their care.  Some of our previous guests have included horse trainers, guide dog trainers, and live polo pony demonstrations.  During each of these events, campers get to participate in some way and gain exposure to new things.

To keep things fun and fresh, a new activity is played for each afternoon; whether it is relay races and games, riding bareback, a field trip, or swimming, Far West Farms allows all students a fun break to let loose and play with their new friends (both human and the horse kind)!

We Welcome Newcomers and Beginners

Two Young Riders in BraidsFor the child who has never taken riding lessons before, our horse camp program is a great way to dive right in and learn basic horse care and riding skills. Our winter and summer camps offer kids ages 8-13, a great introduction into the world of horses, but our program is also perfect for kids who have already had riding lessons.

In addition to daily riding lessons and other camp activities, your child will learn about riding tack and equipment, how to care for your own horse or pony, the differences between riding jumping disciplines, and will be able to watch advanced riders and trainers demonstrate various skills.  Our fun-filled days are designed to give each student, regardless of their riding level, a great learning experience and plenty of ride time while at camp.


New Saturday Program in 2016

We are excited to offer a brand new Saturday Afternoon Horsemanship program at Far West.

When: The first and third Saturdays of the month beginning October 1st

The program will run from 12-2:30 and includes:

  •  Horsemanship lessons and guest speakers, on horse-related topics such as equine first aid and illness, equine anatomy, tack  and hunter-jumper horse showing.
  •  Hands-On Horsemanship skills such as assembling a bridle, bandaging, and horse handling skills.
  •  Adopt-a-Horse – Each camper will adopt a horse and learn what it takes to care for her/his own horse.

Cost:  $60

2016 Dates:

October 1st             October 15th

November 5th         November 19th

December 3rd         December 17th

Please Note: Riding lessons are not included in this program. Speak to Bethany or Chris about scheduling lessons before or after.

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Camp Basics

Join us for a summer of fun and friendships, including:

  • Daily horseback riding lessons
  • Hands-on horse care
  • Games on horseback
  • Field trips
  • Swimming
  • Arts and crafts

Sessions:  Join in any, some, or all of our eight, 4-day sessions (Tuesday through Friday)

Time:  9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Cost:  $450 per week ($550 for field trip weeks)

Ages:  8-13

2017 Summer Camp Schedule

Coming in February 2017

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