Training Barn

There’s no substitute for experience…

Young rider at a horse show in Los Angeles, CA.Simply put, Far West Farms and the Karazissis Family have been at this for a long time.  We know horses, we know what it takes to make a champion, and we know how to balance the thrill of soaring over a fence with a safe landing on the other side.  Years of teaching, riding, and showing have honed our program to bring out the best in each horse and rider, emphasizing each individual’s strengths, encouraging growth wherever needed, nurturing talent, and using the most advanced best practices in equine science to achieve success.

FWF staff works closely with students as they each set their own goals – whether it’s being in the spotlight at a national finals, bringing home a ribbon from a local show, or just being the best rider possible.  Training Barn students either own or lease a horse.  We teach six days a week, and clients are encouraged to ride every day they can.  Our passion for the sport is contagious, and with perseverance, a healthy dose of fun and lots of hard work, FWF will help make those goals become reality.

Thermal 3Our riders have taken every major West Coast medal final, and been champions at Harrisburg, Capitol Challenge, Washington D.C, Lake Placid and Atlanta.  They are consistently in the ribbons in the hunter, jumper, equitation, and pony rings at every horse show we go to.  Many former FWF students – including Ashlee Bond, Jamie and Katie Taylor, Marla Amormino, Stacey Ryan, Maja Lindemann, and Heather Lake   – have gone on to become professionals in the sport.

FWF’s success is due in no small part to loyal, supportive parents who recognize the value of this sport and what it can give to their children, and allow for the time it takes to develop a good horseman and a talented horse.  We’ve shown over and over that horses who come to FWF for training only get better in our program, often doubling or tripling in value.  To see potential in a horse, give it every chance to improve and do everything to get it at its best, then win in the show ring – that’s really gratifying!

…and no substitute for hard work when it comes to achieving success.

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Hunter jumper rider with her bay horse at FWF training barn in Calabasas CA.
Our students bring home the ribbons, but at the same time they learn good sportsmanship and professionalism, grace under pressure, that they can do something even if it looks scary, and, above all, to respect these amazing animals who will try their hearts out for “their people”.

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