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Riding Programs for All Levels of Riders

Far West Farms prides itself on being able to give all its riders an opportunity to build upon their equestrian skills and develop new confidence in a safe and supportive environment.  Although Far West Farms is widely recognized as one of the top hunter, jumper, and equitation training facilities on the West Coast, we also provide instruction for beginner and intermediate riders in our riding school program.

At FWF you will learn under the watchful eye of our certified trainers who are able to teach riders the correct skills needed to build a solid foundation.  If you don’t have your own horse, you can learn on one of our much loved and well-cared for school horses.

Conveniently located in Calabasas with easy access from the 101, students come from all over Los Angeles and Ventura Counties to take advantage of our quality programs and expertise.


Packages (Beginner Ring)

  • 3 Group Lessons $165
  • 6 Group Lessons $330
  • 12 Group Lessons $660

Packages (Intermediate Ring)

  • 3 Group Lessons $240
  • 6 Group Lessons $480
  • 12 Group Lessons $960

About Our Programs

Rachel kissing a school horse named Red.
For students who wish to get more involved in caring for the horse, we welcome you to come early before your lesson and learn how to groom and tack up the horse.
We believe the horsemanship part of horses not only involves the riding but, the care and welfare of the animal as well.

FWF’s training program ensures student growth. First, basic riding skills are taught on our lesson horses in the Riding School’s “Downstairs Ring”. Good horsemanship is nurtured in Summer Camp and Horsemanship Clinics. When ready, riders finesse their skills in our “Middle Ring” and start to show. By the time they’re ready to ride in the “Upstairs Ring,” students have their own horse and are beginning to negotiate solid, technical courses. In our proven system, young enthusiasts become riders and riders become champions.

Book Your Lessons Today!

Give us a call or email us and schedule a visit to the barn so you can see for yourself what we’re about. We’d be happy to give you a tour and introduce you to our Riding School instructors and our lesson horses.

Contact us for more information about our riding school programs or to schedule a visit to our property to talk with a trainer.


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I don't own my own horse, can I still take lessons?
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I don't have a saddle or helmet, can I still take lessons?

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At Far West Farms (FWF), there is a place for everyone at every riding level, and all have an opportunity to excel. On any given day, you may see a first-time student trotting around the ring, then watch a high-powered jumper loft over a 4’ fence. The excitement is the same for both riders!

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